Keith Kinard, Controller

Steak 44 and Michael Dominick's

With our old accounting software, our period close took 2 weeks. With Restaurant365, it is one week and getting shorter. The investment of time to convert has long since paid for itself.

JJ Pledger

Chief Bean Counter, Twisted Root Burger Co.

We review the controllable store-level financials we obtain from Restaurant365 with our store managers immediately after the end of each period. We are able to identify specific areas to focus on with them. This timely direction we are able to provide to our managers is improving our store-level profitability and we like that.

Michele Pogue

Controller & Office Manager, Zito’s Pizza

Restaurant365 saves me 2 full days of work per week compared to what we did using QuickBooks and spreadsheets. I now spend that time on more strategic efforts in helping to build our business.

Scott Armstrong

CEO, Restaurant Leverage

Restaurant365 efficiently addresses financial and operational reporting with a single application. Restaurant365 has pulled the best ideas from well known major vendors and put them into an application built specifically for the restaurant industry. Anyone using the system will be pleasantly surprised with the ease of training and use and how low the monthly cost is.

Arthur Li

Head of Business Finance, Altamarea Group

We have doubled the number of our stores (going from 5 to 10) without adding a single person to our accounting and finance team thanks to Restaurant365. Among many benefits we get from it, the software has made us remarkably more efficient administratively.

Patricia Ortiz

Restaurant Office Manager

Restaurant365 has helped us manage and organize ALL aspects of our business in one place, saving us time to do what we love most: run the restaurant!.

Kelly Allison

Restaurant CFO

As the CFO for a growing restaurant company, you have to find great partners who are willing to grow with you and add value to your organization through innovative platforms. R365 is such a company. They have a solution built on a world class platform and a team that cares enough to listen to the needs of its clients and continually strive to enhance its offering. That is a powerful combination in today’s world.

Deb Mahlman

Controller, Magic Wok

Restaurant365 saves me 8-9 hours per week. The system also allows me to close the period in 2 days. Our store managers love getting their reports the next day after the close of each week and I love having the time to spend on other things.