Restaurant365 Visits SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza in Orange, CA

Our team stopped by our local SPIN Neapolitan Pizza location in Orange, CA today for lunch.  It was excellent.  The service was fast and friendly and I was definitely impressed with the atmosphere.  The server/cashier helped us navigate the menu and his recommendations were spot on.  I really like the service model, which is a blend of fast casual and full service.  Similar to the way our local Nordstrom Café does it.  You walk up and immediately place your order as if it were a fast casual concept but then you are treated to full service from that point on.  I like it because generally I don’t have much time for lunch and I like to get my food ordered as quickly as possible, but I like having a waiter make sure I am taken care of while I wait.  It’s the best of both worlds and I am willing to tip for it.

Restaurant365 Visits SPIN Neapolitan Pizza






Morgan Harris  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365

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