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Keith Kinard, Controller

Keith Kinard, Controller
Steak 44 and Michael Dominick's

With our old accounting software, our period close took 2 weeks. With Restaurant365, it is one week and getting shorter. The investment of time to convert has long since paid for itself.
JJ Pledger

JJ Pledger
Chief Bean Counter, Twisted Root Burger Co.

We review the controllable store-level financials we obtain from Restaurant365 with our store managers immediately after the end of each period. We are able to identify specific areas to focus on with them. This timely direction we are able to provide to our managers is improving our store-level profitability and we like that.

Do you have more than one location?

Multi-unit restaurant operators are our bread and butter.  The complexity that comes with this business demands strong systems for obvious reasons.  If you have more than one of any of the following:  store location, POS system, legal entity, concept, and/or service offering – then yes, Restaurant365 was built for you.

Are you using QuickBooks?

If you are using QuickBooks, you are spending precious time on non-value added tasks such as:  re-keying data, manually preparing reports, and reconciling data between two systems.  Restaurant365 eliminates the need to do any of these and frees up your time to analyze ways to make your business more profitable.  Any multi-unit restaurant business using QuickBooks should call Restaurant365.

Are you a franchisor or have plans to expand through franchising?

Expanding your brand through franchising is an excellent way to scale your business. For those organizations currently franchising or planning on it, Restaurant365 is a must have.  The solution offers full suite of features for franchisors.  Click here to learn more about the many features available to franchisors.

Are you tired of reconciling data between your accounting software and your ‘above store’ software?

Many multi-unit restaurant businesses use generic accounting software such as Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Intacct, NetSuite, or SAGE.  Because these solutions are not restaurant-specific, they require that you use a separate inventory and labor application such as CTUIT, ChefTec, CrunchTime, MenuLink, or QSROnline.  Without fail, when two systems are used for the same data, you will spend time each week/period reconciling the data from the two (or more) systems.  To eliminate the non-value added task of reconciling, Restaurant365 includes both accounting and ‘above store’ in a single system.

Are you using an outsourced bookkeeping service and want to bring accounting in-house to save money?

For those organizations wanting to consider bringing their accounting in-house to save money and have more direct control over their financials – Restaurant365’s simple user interface and cloud service model makes the transition easy and affordable.  The solution is easy to learn and no new hardware investment is needed.