Purchase Order Integration is Here!

  • First-of-its-kind Suggestive Ordering based on actual usage per $1000 coupled with future projected sales — no need for recipes or theoretical setup!
  • Purchasing Assistant offers a wizard-like, step-by-step way to generate Purchase Orders
  • Order Templates can be scheduled to auto-populate in the system on a specified cycle
  • Purchase Orders are stored in the system forever and permanently linked to the Invoices they create

The most intelligent ordering system in the market. Built by someone who knows the market, Joe Hannon.

“After seeing other Purchase Order offerings in the BOH restaurant software space, we realized we needed to reinvent how Purchase Orders are executed to make it as easy as possible for the end user. The result is a clean, friendly, easy-to-use interface that combines both the horsepower of a suggestive quantity feature and the ease of access Restaurant365 users have come to expect.”
-Joe Hannon, Operations Specialist Manager