• Restaurant365 trimmed and priced specifically for single unit operators
  • 1-10 Units
  • $299
  • $299 Per month/location
    No long-term contracts
    Start today

  • Same day startup with Financials Setup Wizard
    Required One-time Onboarding & Setup Fee $3000

  • Restaurant365 built specifically for multi-unit restaurant groups
  • 11+ Units
  • $249
  • $249 Average Per month/location
    Price varies based
    on Locations & Modules
  • Required One-time Onboarding & Setup Fee based on modules & locations

  • Restaurant365 supercharged specifically for larger multi-unit operators and franchisors
  • Enterprise
  • Let’s Chat
  • Paid Monthly or Annually
    Volume Discounts
    Modular Pricing Options
  • Required One-time Onboarding, Training & Setup Fee based on the enterprise deployment

How much does Restaurant365 cost?

Restaurant365 is a cloud-based software service that you pay for on a monthly basis and access through a browser on your existing computer, tablet or mobile device.  The monthly cost is based on the number of restaurant locations you operate and number of optional modules and services you want to use.

In addition to the monthly fee, there is a one-time fixed implementation cost that covers training and the transition process from your current system to Restaurant365.  Our customer success team helps you set up your system, migrate your data from your existing accounting, back office or other software and spreadsheets you are using today, into Restaurant365.  We hold your hands and provide additional training after your cut-over to ensure your success.  We do everything we can to keep the setup cost low and the process easy.

What is the cost for support after I go-live?

Zero.  The cost of all product related support is included in the monthly fee.   If you would like some accounting advice or help, or would like us to enter invoices or print and mail your checks for you, we can provide those services for a small fee.

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware?

Nope.  Restaurant365 is a cloud based application that you access through your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.  We support a lot of browsers, but Google Chrome is the clear winner in all our latest testing.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Nope.  There aren’t any minimum contract terms.  You have the option to cancel at anytime if you are not fully satisfied, but we just know we pride ourselves on our customer retention.   We maintain one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Is there an extra fee to integrate with my POS system?

Nope.  The integration with your POS system is included in the monthly fee as long as it is one of the many POS systems we currently integrate with.  Click here to see the full list of current POS integrations.  Contact us if your POS is not listed as we can build an integration for an extra fee.

Will Restaurant365 integrate with my outsourced payroll service?

Yes.  Restaurant365 has the ability to import journal entries made by your payroll provider.  Which, when imported, true up the daily labor accrual entries made from the POS integration each night.

Is there special pricing for Accounting, CPA & Bookkeeping firms?

Yes.  Please call us @ 866-216-0183 to learn more about this special partner relationship program and pricing.

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