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Tying the Restaurant Industry Together

We heard it all over the industry.  At tradeshows and conferences, online and in person from prospective customers.  Everyone wishes that the restaurant technology out there “talked” to each other.

We’ve attacked this challenge on two fronts.

First, we built a cloud-based Restaurant Accounting, Operations and Reporting platform, fully integrated that runs in a browser.  Our clients consolidate anywhere between 3 and 10 systems/apps/monster spreadsheets into Restaurant365.

Second, we built an integration engine with connectors, import/export functions, and a set of Open APIs to truly enable data to flow and systems to talk. Real integration of transactional and useful information.

  • POS Connect – Over 40 integrations with all the major POS systems.
  • PAYROLL Connect – Transmit labor and auto-create payroll journal entries.
  • VENDOR Connect – All broad-line and many regional restaurant & food vendors.
  • BANK Connect– Direct web connect or QFX file upload for easy bank reconciliations.
  • API Connect – Opens the Restaurant365 platform to all types of integration.

POS Connect

Seamlessly integrate your POS

Detailed (not summary) data from your restaurant point-of-sale is directly pulled into Restaurant365 including Sales Tickets, Tenders, Payment Types, Clock-in/Clock-out by Job and Employee for the automatic creation of:

  • Daily sales journal entries in the accounting module
  • Daily labor accrual journal entires in the accounting module
  • Menu items sales for business analytics and reporting
  • Labor details for business analytics and reporting

“Restaurant365’s integration is a godsend. It brings all POS information down to each sales ticket and labor punch, allowing for all sorts of analysis in a clean, uniform format regardless of POS system.”

The automatic polling of POS data and the automatic creation of sales and labor journal entries alone saves at least 5 hours a week from our old process.”

J.J. Pledger
Chief Bean Counter

Payroll Connect

Easily Connect to Your Payroll Provider

We’ve taken our restaurant-specific accounting and connected it with payroll processors that really know how to service the restaurant industry.

  • Aggregates all your POS Labor Data
  • Fully burdened Labor Accrual auto created
  • Transmit labor to your payroll processor
  • Import actual payroll detail from processor

Featured Payroll Partner:  

Payroll Partners

Vendor Connect

Import vendor invoices effortlessly

Restaurant365 can import detailed invoice data from food suppliers. This feature is key in saving time, improving accuracy of data, updating costs and producing valuable data points for keeping your vendors in check.


Item costs can be auto-updated when invoices are imported from vendors. Location-specific, up-to-date item-costing not only eliminates data entry but gives you valuable insight into your current theoretical food costs.

Connected Restaurant Technology

Tying Restaurant Partners and Technology Together

No one connects as many systems and partners as Restaurant365 to streamline the operational and financial management for Restaurants.

  • POS Partners
  • Payroll Partners
  • Vendors Partners
  • Accounting Partners