Join the growing list of restaurants that are upgrading to the most powerful restaurant accounting, operations and reporting platform on the market.

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Top 10 Features That Are Better in Restaurant365

  1. Restaurant365 can be used on a MAC, PC or Tablet
  2. Restaurant365 ships with dozens of restaurant-specific financial reports with full transaction drill down
  3. Restaurant365 comes with an automated bank reconciliation with your banks
  4. Restaurant365 imports full check level detail from your POS
  5. Restaurant365 processes invoice images via your mobile device
  6. Restaurant365’s inventory is easy to setup, use, and maintain
  7. Restaurant365 includes global transaction search and clean intercompany transaction processing
  8. Restaurant365 allows you to work and report on multiple locations at the same time
  9. Restaurant365 comes with a full Accounts Receivable and House Accounts feature
  10. Restaurant365 includes full Restaurant Budgeting module with daily Forecasting

Why Bother Upgrading my Compeat Software to Restaurant365?

  1. It actually isn’t any ‘bother’ at all.  We will do practically all the transition work for you in a matter of weeks
  2. Restaurant365 releases new features approx. every 8 weeks and all customers get the new features at no additional charge (Manager Log Book & Fixed Assets are examples of new modules about to be given to all customers)
  3. Restaurant365 actively seeks input from customers (you) about what to build next
  4. Restaurant365 handles accounting transactions like all modern accounting systems do – not the old way of ‘posting transactions’ (yuk!)
  5. Restaurant365 is easy to use and adopt which will make it the ‘sharpest knife in your kitchen’

How Much of my Compeat Data Can Migrate to Restaurant365?

  1. All General Ledger detail for as many periods back as you have
  2. All master records
    • GL Accounts
    • Vendors
    • Customers
    • Inventory Items (master and restaurant details)
    • Recipes (Prep and Menu Recipes)
    • Banks Accounts
    • Users
  3. All currently unapplied transactions in detail
    • Open AP Invoices
    • Unapplied Credit Memos
    • Unapplied Payments
    • Open Bank Reconciliation Items

What is the cost to switch?

We have a special discount program just for Compeat customers. Call for a custom quote today. 866-216-0183

Joe Hannon

“If I need to troubleshoot the cost of Ground Beef when I’m in a Menu Item, I can click links down through the recipes, sub recipes, all the way to the raw ingredient, and then into any invoice I want from that raw ingredient, watching the cost the entire way.  The drill-down is unparalleled.”

Joe HannonOperations Specialist at Restaurant365, Prior Compeat Employee
Dave Strong

“Based on our long experience with Compeat a few years ago, and the ease of use we enjoy with Restaurant365 now, we have no desire to go back to Compeat.”

Dave StrongDirector of Operations at MarketPlace Concepts, Prior Compeat Customer
Keegan Lanier

“My favorite part about Restaurant365 has been how quickly they respond when support is needed.  The team is very helpful and they help fast. The software is accessible on any computer with a web browser.  This allows us to support our team and make changes quickly and from anywhere with internet access.”

Keegan LanierDirector of Operations at Walk On’s, Prior Compeat Customer
Ben Roscillo

“In Restaurant365, the functionality of the entire accounting cycle, from creating transactions to its advanced bank reconciliation processes, can be learned within weeks.  If you have used any other accounting system, Restaurant365 will feel like home.”

Ben Roscillo Support Lead at Restaurant365, Prior Compeat Employee