Commissary Overview

The Commissary Feature in Restaurant365 makes it easy for Restaurant Locations to create and submit Commissary Orders to a designated Commissary, and for that Commissary Location to review and fulfill those Commissary Orders.  Additionally, there are three Commissary-specific reports found in My Reports, under the Commissary section.

  • Commissary manager creates a template of which items are available from the commissary
  • Set schedules for which locations get delivered to on which days of the week and can set cutoff days/times for when the orders must be submitted for those deliveries
  • Can setup automatic alerts (text/email) to warn a location manager if their cutoff time is approaching and their order is not yet submitted
  • Order form contains a list of all items available at the commissary and the location manager just enters Order Qty on the items they wish to order this time
  • To help fill out order form, next to each item on the form it will show the last ordered qty and date, average order qty over the past 8 weeks, and a recommended quantity needed based on sales forecast and menu mix
  • Once order is submitted it can be updated by the commissary manager
  • Mass fulfillment screen for commissary manager to fulfill and print reports for a batch of orders all at once
  • Commissary can click 1 button to move Qty Ordered to Qty Fulfilled and can also open individual orders to edit Qty Fulfilled if they weren’t able to fulfill the whole amount ordered
  • Accounting happens when the order is fulfilled.  This creates a fulfillment transaction listing which items/quantities were sent from the commissary to a specific location which will recognize sales at the commissary, cost at the location, and an intercompany due to/from entry to show what the location owes the commissary
  • Commissary Reports:
    • Packing Slip/Pick Ticket
    • Consolidated Production list
    • Commissary Forecast
    • Commissary Order History by Location
    • Commissary Orders list
    • Fulfilled Transactions list