Do you know the 5 ways to make more money in the restaurant business?

There are only 5 ways to make more money in the restaurant business.  Anything you attempt to do will fall under one of these categories.  Restaurant365 helps you will all 5 of them.

  1. Increase guest count
  2. Increase average check total
  3. Lower expenses
  4. Increase catering/off-site sales
  5. Add more stores/locations

That’s it!  How many did you get?  If you are a restaurateur you should be thinking of these 5 things constantly, and probably are!  Restaurant365 can help you zero in on each one of them.  Here is a quick example of how it helps you with each one:

  1. Displays year over year same day guest counts by store
  2. Displays year over year same day average check by store and by day part and the 6 week trend
  3. Tracks vendor credits, ensures you take advantage of discounts and credits during the check run, tracks total labor hours by employee . . . (and a million more things!)
  4. Comes with a full catering module to help you market to and close new catering deals
  5. Enables you to fold in new locations and legal entities without a glitch and also automates all the inter-company accounting transactions for you

Restaurant365 is designed to help multi-unit restaurant businesses with each of the 5 ways to make more money.  Click here to watch the video of how The Bar & Grill uses it to do just that.

Morgan Harris CPA  |  Co-founder  |  Restaurant365

Restaurant365 Releases New Explainer Video

Click here to watch the new Restaurant365 Explainer Video .

Morgan Harris  |  Restaurant365 

Restaurant365 Adds New Features to Franchising Module

Restaurant365 is pleased to announce new features to the Franchising module of its SAAS based, restaurant specific, multi-unit restaurant management system.  The new features include a secure, central document library that the franchisor controls and only the franchisee has access to.  This is a valuable tool to store the many procedure documents and HR templates specific to the brand. 

A second feature is that of auto-polling of Net Sales, Average Check, and Guest Count each night from the Franchisee – regardless of which POS solution the franchisee happens to use.  This is a major time-saver and also an extremely effective way to keep your finger on the pulse of your brand each day. 

There is much more to it but it will take much more than a blog entry to tell you everything it can do.  Contact us at to learn more!

Morgan Harris | Co-Founder | Restaurant365