Restaurant365 Announces Major System Update

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of a major system update of our restaurant-specific accounting and operational software platform. This update includes many enhancements, including additional features, further speed increases, and most importantly, can be used on multiple browsers and devices including PC, Mac and tablet devices. It is the first and only true cloud-based, restaurant-specific accounting software to run natively on Mac OS devices.

As part of Restaurant365’s software as a service, all customers automatically receive this update as part of their service. No additional software fees or implementation service fees are part of this upgrade. To learn more or to see a demonstration of the newest release, please visit

Stop Writing Checks for Alcohol and Start Tracking Purchasing Data

Fintech and Restaurant365 have partnered to streamline payment for beer, wine and liquor deliveries, and report on your alcohol purchasing trends. Fintech’s OneSource Solution integrates seamlessly into your Restaurant365 system, eliminating the manual entry of invoice details into your program and providing customized reporting for reconciliation. Restaurant365 customers also receive exclusive discounts on Fintech services.

With Fintech’s electronic data and payment solution restaurant operators can stop writing checks or money orders, paying cash upon delivery, and the need for cumbersome pre-paid and escrow accounts. Fintech customers are also guaranteed to remain in complete compliance with State liquor laws throughout the country.

Fintech is the only EFT provider that is compliant and available for use in all fifty states and now works with more than 2,300 alcohol distributors to serve over 325,000 relationships nationwide. For more information, visit

Google Chrome Browser & Restaurant365 – Finally Together!


After much anticipation, the two all-stars are finally together.  Restaurant365 now runs in a Google Chrome Browser.   Why is this beneficial?

1. you can access R365 from MACS and mobile devices as well as PC’s

2. it’s way fast

3. it’s just sexy!

National Restaurant Association Show 2015


We are excited to be attending and exhibiting (Booth #5959) at the 2015 NRA Show in Chicago May 16-19! This is a 4 day event that will exhibit different ways to gain an edge, solve challenges, grow your expertise and get inspired by the restaurant/food industry. With over 2,000 exhibitors and over 44,000 foodservice professionals from around the globe hungry for new products and services.

Set a Time to Meet

Twisted Root Burger Co. Improves Store-Level Profitably After Using Restaurant365

Twisted Root Burger Co., an American burger franchise restaurant, has implemented Restaurant365 in each of its 14 locations. JJ Pledger, Chief Bean Counter, has seen a significant improvement to their store level profitability. “We review the controllable store-level financials we obtain from Restaurant365 with our store managers immediately after the end of each period.   We are able to identify specific areas to focus on with them.  This timely direction we are able to provide to our managers is improving our store-level profitability and we like that.”

The implementation of Restaurant365 at Twisted Root eliminated many of the tasks the team was having to do when used QuickBooks. “The Restaurant365 integration with our POS is solid.  It isn’t something we have to babysit or worry about.  Daily sales journal entries and labor accrual journal entries are automatically made for us.  It’s a significant time saver.”

Just as a sharp knife in a kitchen makes a prep-chef more productive, Restaurant365 is effectively cutting unwanted financial waste and is saving the Twisted Root back office team time.


3 Forgotten Ways to Serve Your Customers

Our company (Restaurant365) makes restaurant accounting software for multi-unit enterprises.  Whenever I tell that to people who ask me what I do, that is usually the end of the topic of conversation.  To some it is a boring type of work but we love it and we love the customers we work with.  We recently came up with three ways to go above and beyond and show our customers that we appreciate them.

First – Patronize their stores.  I recently took my family and friends to Blaze Fast Fired Pizza who is one of our customers and I learned some new things about their delivery model and at the same time brought in a few new faces for them.

Second – Ask for their feedback and input and actually inventory it and discuss it as a team.

Third – Try to help them in ways other than the service you provide.

New Feature: Dynamics GP like SmartLists for Restaurants

Easily being able to find data you are looking for in your restaurant accounting software is one of the hallmarks of Restaurant365.  The new list features in Restaurant365 are very similar to that of the way Dynamics GP SmartLists work.  You can:

  • Multi-sort by column
  • Multi-select by value
  • Drag and Drop columns to new positions
  • Dynamically resize columns
  • Save favorite views
  • Export results directly to Excel
  • Add new columns from fields in the database
  • Drill down directly to source records from search results
  • . . . and much more – all in a browser interface!

Here is a quick screen shot of the new lists.  Contact Restaurant365 today (  to learn more about your organization can use this powerful tool.

Vendor List Screen Shot


2015 could be a strong year for restaurants

We recently attended the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, held in Las Vegas last week.  This annual gathering brings together operators, investors, lenders, and restaurant technology solutions, like Restaurant365.  There was a buzz of optimism at the conference by the attendees looking to invest in new technology and financing options, to help expand and build new units.

2015 Happy New Year“The past few years have required good operators to get better — and they have,” said Trey Brown, senior managing director at GE Capital, Franchise Finance. “The people left standing are, almost without question, the best of the best. They’re operating profitable stores. They’re positive and upbeat.” Restaurant operators and owners with the right financial and management tools take a measured approach to move from good to great.  They know the key areas in the business to focus in on.

Falling gas prices will also help drive restaurant sales.  The national average price of gas has dropped for 46 consecutive days, according to AAA, with a gallon of gas 30 cents lower than a month ago, and 20 cents cheaper than it was a year ago. “It’s putting extra income directly into the hands of lower and middle income consumers. Lower gas prices are like an instant tax cut. If gas prices stay low, 2015 could be the happiest year since 2007,” said John Barone, president of Market Vision Inc.

Restaurant365 is excited to be part of this industry, helping restaurant companies better manage operations, accounting, franchising and catering departments, all on one cloud-based platform.

Looking forward to a strong 2015.