Import Vendor Invoices Directly
Into Restaurant365

Restaurant365 integrates with a growing number of vendors.  Additional vendors can be added upon request.

Auto Update Food Costs and Inventory

Vendor Invoices Update Item Costs Automatically

Item costs can be auto-updated when invoices are imported from vendors.  Location specific, up-to-date item costing not only eliminates data entry but gives you valuable insight into your current theoretical food costs.

Keep Your Vendors in Check

Hold your vendors accountable to your agreed upon contract prices.   Restaurant365 offers a triple-layer protection by flagging you of any contract price variances.

Checks for Contract Price Variances:

1. Upon Invoice Creation
2. In the Contract Price Variance Report
3. During the Check Run (for gosh sakes, don’t overpay!)

Item-Location Pricing

Costs of items are stored on a location-by-location basis.  This is valuable when analyzing the costs of your inventory at each location.

Splits Handled

Restaurant365 automatically handles ‘split’ items on the invoices when vendors ship the same item in multiple units of measure.  A time saver for managers.