Restaurant ‘Styled’ Financials

Save yourself loads of reporting time each week with Restaurant365’s pre-styled restaurant financial reports.

  • Location Side by Side P/L with Consolidated Totals
  • % column can be customized per row (i.e. Meat Cost as a % of Food Sales)
  • Weekly Side by Side P/L
  • User Security defines depth of the P/L each user sees (i.e. Prime Costs Only, Controllables, Full)
  • Drill-down into source transactions

Real-time Manager Access to P/L

Empower managers with real-time restaurant profit & loss reports. Managers no longer have to wait until after the end of the period before they know what to focus on. They can know each day by running their Operational P/L (which are the same numbers your Accounting team is working off of.)

Drill down Reporting

Drill down on any financial report to sub-reports or source transactions. “QuickBooks tells you to focus on Meat Cost.  In contrast, Restaurant365 tells you to focus on Boneless Chicken Breasts at Store 4 on the second week of the period.” That is what real drill down can do.

No More Reconciling Financial Reports!

CTUIT and other ‘back-office only’ applications offer manager level P/L’s but since these are separate from the accounting application, the numbers always need to be tied out and reconciled. Restaurant365 eliminates any need to reconcile two sets of P/L’s as the ‘back-office’ is an extension of your accounting software.

Scheduled Delivery of Reports

Have a favorite report you want sent out on a schedule?  Setup the report to be generated and sent out to a specific set of users.