POS Integration Reduces Reconciliation and Manual Entry

A growing list of POS integrations

Restaurant365 is currently integrated to:

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pos-logos_09  pos-logos_16  pos-logos_18  pos-logos_18

Let us know what POS you are running and we will get it on our growing list!

Consolidate data from multiple POS solutions

If you have more than one concept, you likely have more than one point of sale solution in your organization. Bringing the data from these multiple sources into a single source saves loads of time and makes information actionable.

Shorten period closing times

No need to wait for physical delivery of weekly packets from store locations to find out how each of them is doing. Use the Restaurant365 dashboards to give you a nightly flash across your entire organization.

See the full picture of a store’s performance

Add manager and corporate overhead pay accruals to the actual store labor to see a complete picture of labor costs.

Workflow to ensure POS procedures are followed

Counting end of day cash & checks is simplified and immediately reported to corporate. Paid-outs are easily categorized by the store manager to user defined cost categories (i.e. GL).

Keep corporate alerted of POS changes

Store managers often create new codes in the point of sale system. Restaurant365 notifies corporate immediately of these new codes and helps keep everyone on the same page.

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