R365 Right For Me?

Do you have more than one location?

Multi-unit restaurant operators are our bread and butter. The complexity that comes with this business demands strong systems for obvious reasons. If you have more than one POS system, more than one legal entity, more than one concept, and/or more than one service offering – yes, we bring all that together.

Are you using QuickBooks?

If you are using QuickBooks, you are spending more time than you need to entering data, you are not producing your financials as quickly or as detailed as your management team could use them, you are not looking at your financial data as the restaurant professionals in the big chains do, and you are exposed from a data security and integrity standpoint.  Graduate from entry level accounting and enroll in a solution designed specifically for you.

Are you a franchiser or have plans to expand through franchising?

Expanding your brand through franchising is an excellent way to scale your business.  For those organizations currently franchising or planning on it, Restaurant365 is a must have.  The solution comes with a full FRM (Franchisee Relationship Management) feature set that includes lead tracking, on-boarding work-flow, and a central document library that will help you attract the most qualified prospects in the right locations.  For those currently with franchisee’s, the system will allow you to standardize reporting across your entire brand.  Comparing financials across your brand is the best budget in the world and you can have it by barely lifting a finger.

Do you currently offer catering services or host events?

If you are a traditional restaurant (fast casual or full service) and do any amount of catering or event hosting, Restaurant365 can help you do more of it.  If you specialize in just catering, our solution can get you organized with simple, inexpensive tools compared to the on-line catering solutions out there.

Are you a strong social and email marketer?

Whether you operate a single restaurant location or many units, Restaurant365 can help you attract more customers with less effort and more effectiveness than you do today.  Casual marketers can amp up their current efforts with our tools and active socialites will spend less time doing their existing tasks.

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