What is ‘the cloud’ for a restaurant business?

Basically, ‘the cloud’ means someone else worries about your computers and software.

When it comes to babysitting computers and servers, less is more. Leveraging the cloud means to have someone else purchase, install, maintain, upgrade, back up, and support the computers that store your data.  It’s good for a restaurant operator because you will be spending less time thinking about your technology and more time thinking about your customers.  Studies also show it is about 70% less expensive than a investing in and supporting a traditional software deployment.  That’s what we call a win-win.

How do I access the cloud?

You access your data over the internet via a web browser.  It’s that simple.  There isn’t any piece of software that is locally installed on the computer at the store locations or at your corporate headquarters.  That means your restaurants don’t need to purchase any new hardware when implementing Restaurant365 nor will you need someone to visit you in person to support the solution.

Other than saving money and data security, what is so compelling about the cloud?

For a restaurant, it is attractive to be able to access your data from anywhere at any time.  Also, the dynamics of the way a restaurant markets and delivers its services is ever-changing (trendy social sites for example).  Because you are constantly upgraded behind the scenes, your restaurant always has the latest developments and features that the industry calls for.  No more expensive upgrades or burden of supporting antiquated systems.

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