Restaurant Accounting Software – In the Cloud

Powerful, Automated Restaurant Financial Reporting Out-of-the-Box

  • Weekly Prime Cost Reports
  • Profit & Loss (Location Side by Side, YOY, v. Budget, +20 more variations)
  • Balance Sheet (Detail & Summary)
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Completely User Definable Financial Reports Using

Sophisticated Banking Suite to Control Cash

  • MICR Checks
  • Optional Print Signatures on Checks
  • ACH Vendor Payments w/ Auto-Payment Stub Emailing
  • Positive Pay
  • Bank Transaction Download w/ Auto-Reconcile for Matching Transactions

Budgeting by Location by 4-week Period

  • Import Budgets from Excel
  • Budget by Location
  • Budget 4-week period or Calendar Month

Restaurant Fiscal and Operational Calendar

  • 13-4 Week Operational Periods
  • 4-4-5 Period Structure
  • 12 Month Calendar


  • Spread invoices across legal entities/locations
  • Apply transactions across legal entities/locations
  • Deposit funds across legal entities/locations
  • Transfer inventory across legal entities/locations

Restaurant Centric Check Processing

  • Pay invoices from one or more legal entities from one checkbook
  • View and apply open credit memos during check run process
  • View all available term discounts during check run process
  • Easily control total amount paid to each vendor

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