Keith Kinard, Controller
With our old accounting software, our period close took 2 weeks. With Restaurant365, it is one week and getting shorter. The investment of time to convert has long since paid for itself.

Keith Kinard, ControllerSteak 44 and Michael Dominick's

JJ Pledger
We review the controllable store-level financials we obtain from Restaurant365 with our store managers immediately after the end of each period. We are able to identify specific areas to focus on with them. This timely direction we are able to provide to our managers is improving our store-level profitability and we like that.

JJ PledgerChief Bean Counter, Twisted Root Burger Co.

Point of Sale (POS)

Pulling the detailed sales and labor data from your POS solution into the ‘cloud’ (i.e. Restaurant365) each night is a critical step in reducing administrative costs.  Click here to see the full list of current POS integrations and learn more about how the integration works.


Restaurant365 imports detailed invoice data from food suppliers.  This feature is key in saving time, improving accuracy of data, and producing valuable data points for keeping your vendors in check.  Click here for more details on the existing vendor integrations and how the process works.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Sending and receiving data to and from your payroll provider is essential.  Restaurant365 collects all the time entries from your POS solution each night and automatically creates labor accrual entries in the General Ledger.  The system can also be set to accrue burden and salaried employees so that you are seeing the full cost of your labor each week.  At the end of each pay period, hours are reviewed and approved by your team and then sent to your outsourced payroll service such as PaycomADP, Paylocity, Paychex, or Ovation.  Once the payroll is processed, you can download (or have sent to you) an electronic file that contains the journal entry for that pay period.  This file is easily imported into Restaurant365 where it ‘trues-up’ the accrual entries that were created by the nightly POS/Restaurant365 integration.

Banks and American Express

Automatically reconcile your bank and American Express accounts by downloading transaction activity directly into Restaurant365.  The system auto-matches the bank’s records with those already in Restaurant365 and creates a to-do list for you of those that are ‘un-matched’.  We can integrate to any bank that offers its customers a .QFX file.  A few banking institutions such as Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, and American Express offer direct connect services which we can take advantage of.  Once you begin integrating this way, you will never waste another minute of your life doing it manually again.

“Above Store” & Inventory Software

Although Restaurant365 includes a it’s own ‘above store’ and inventory module (click here to see the full features of the Restaurant365 Operations module), there are certain businesses that have good reason to use a separate ‘above store’ solution.  An example of this are multi-unit franchisees of some of the major brands who are mandated to use a particular inventory and/or labor system.  The major brands spend large sums of money customizing existing ‘above store’ software or developing it themselves from scratch.  A franchisee stands to gain much from using these systems (or is required to).  But these companies can still benefit from using Restaurant365 by singing up for only the Restaurant365 Accounting module & POS integration.  Click here to learn more about the ‘above store’ integrations other Restaurant365 customers are using.

Accounting Software

It is a question we often get asked:  ”What accounting packages do you integrate with?”  The answer is joyfully, “None!”  Restaurant365 includes its own restaurant-specific accounting module (click here to learn more).  Having your accounting right inside the system makes Restaurant365 what it is:  a complete restaurant-specific ERP solution.  As such it gives you tight controls, clear visibility and back-office productivity.  Just what your restaurant business needs to become more profitable.