Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Restaurant365 cost?

There are three things you sign up for when subscribing to Restaurant365:

  1. Modules
  2. Users
  3. Integrations

The modules are Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, Catering, Marketing & Franchising.  Pick which ones are relevant for your company.

Secondly, select the number of users you want accessing the system.

And lastly, select among our powerful integrations.  Current integrations include banking institutions and American Express and other instances of Restaurant365 that may be used by your franchisees.

Contact us today ( and we can send you a quote for your organization.

Is there a minimum number of users required?

Yes.  You must have at least 3 users.

Can more than one person share a user license?

Yes, you can have two or more people share a user license.  However, keep in mind that if two people share a license, from a security perspective both people will have access to the same windows, reports, etc.   Also from an audit tracking standpoint, the system won’t be able to tell you which actual person entered or modified the data (only which ‘user’).  So, in some cases sharing is great and in others you will probably want to get someone their own user license.

Can users who are sharing a license access the system at the same time?


What is the price of implementation?

The price of implementation is simply a function of your monthly fee.  Whatever your monthly fee turns out to be (based on the modules, users, and integrations you chose) the one-time implementation fee is equal to 7 times that number – please contact us for more pricing information

What is included in the implementation services?

Implementation services include setup, configuration, data import, POS integration setup, access to on-line training, & beginning balance imports.  Everything you need to make the switch and begin enjoying a new level of control and visibility of your business. Our process is setup to for you to go live within 60 days.

Is there a minimum contract term?

The minimum term of a contract is 2 years.  However, you may cancel the service within the first 6 months if you are not fully satisfied.

Is there an extra charge for support?

There is unlimited software support for any issue that may arise with the application.  Additional consulting assistance is offered at an hourly rate.

Do I need a point of sale system in order to use Restaurant365?

No, but there are huge advantages to having one.  We have a growing list of POS integrations.  The current list is:  MICROS, Aloha, POSitouch, Harbor Touch, Aldelo, Speedline, Revention, Digital Dining, Brink Software, DinerWare, Soft Touch and Pixel Point.  Contact us if your POS is not listed.  Remember, there is no extra charge for the setup, support, or training of the POS integrations – they are included with the cost of the Accounting/Operations module.  Contact us for pricing details (

Will Restaurant365 integrate with my outsourced payroll service?

Restaurant365 has the ability to export data in a variety of formats and layouts that can be configured to be acceptable to most outsourced payroll providers.  Also, Restaurant365 has the ability to import journal entries made by your payroll provider.

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