Guiding Principles

Visibility Of Data To Help Make Good Business Decisions

It’s easier to see opportunities and potential problems when data is:

  1. Accurate
  2. Timely
  3. Accessible

Control of Liquid and Perishable Assets (i.e. time, inventory, & cash)

It’s easier to eliminate waste and achieve consistency in a restaurant when tasks are:

  1. Repeatable
  2. Measureable
  3. Trainable

Administrative Efficiency That Allows for Growth and Save Costs

It’s less expensive to maintain and easier to scale a growing restaurant where there is:

  1. Tighter Integration Between Systems (or even better - consolidation of multiple systems into a few)
  2. Less manual entry, less manual report creation time, and less reconciliation efforts

At Restaurant365, every feature we add to the solution falls into one of these three pillars.  If it doesn’t meet one of these, it doesn’t make it into the solution.  Sign up for Restaurant365 today and begin enjoying the benefits of this new way to run your business.

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