Altamarea Group

When Ahmass Fakahany and Chef Michael White joined forces, lightning struck. Michael had unique culinary skills and a passion for business, and Ahmass had deep business and leadership acumen and a keen taste for exceptional food, especially Michael’s. The two were a perfect fit.

Brick by brick they built the Altamarea Group with a shared vision to create restaurant brands that are distinct in concept but united in delivering unsurpassed quality and outstanding service. They strive every day to uphold and further this vision with an unwavering attention to detail and a true devotion to pleasing guests. Their global culinary model allows guests to be themselves and eat amazing food.

The Challenge

Altamarea Group is currently focused on optimizing its business while also strategically opening new locations and expanding into new markets. With numerous concepts, legal entities, POS systems, bank accounts, and restaurants in multiple states, Altamarea Group actively sought unique and innovative solutions to support its rapidly growing enterprise. It was imperative to find a platform that would enable the group to consolidate systems, enhance reporting and analytical capabilities, and leverage its scale and the finance team more efficiently.

The Solution

The restaurant-specific accounting features of Restaurant365 have simplified numerous processes for Altamarea Group. The intercompany feature eliminated the need for intercompany reconciliations amongst all its legal entities. The dual operational and fiscal calendar feature is flexible and allows the finance team to view financials both by operational week and by calendar month. The powerful house account capabilities convert dozens of house account sales recorded in the POS system into customer invoices in just minutes. The integration of detailed sales and payment information from the POS systems into Restaurant365 at each restaurant location has eliminated manual entry of daily sales journals and provides powerful above-store reporting across the entire business.

The Results

The integrated cloud-based platform offered by Restaurant365 was just the tailored solution the Altamarea Group was seeking to upgrade to. The restaurant-specific features of Restaurant365 have eliminated significant book-keeping tasks and enabled the finance team to find further optimization opportunities, both operationally and financially. Altamarea Group is proud to partner with Restaurant365 and is confident that it now utilizes a solid and sustainable solution that can support its operations and growth for years to come.

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