Real-time Business Intelligence

The Restaurant365 Business Analytics module allows you to access data, information and actionable intelligence real-time because the solution is web-based and fully integrated. No waiting for one system to update another system, or importing or exporting spreadsheets or other data.

Enterprise Reporting

Restaurant365 Business Analytics can view data from all of your restaurant locations. That data can be organized, filtered and displayed in charts, tables or cross-tabs (pivot tables).



Real dashboards include data from various areas. Think about your car dashboard – it shows speed, rpm, fuel, oil, temperature, navigation, doors open, back-up cameras, seat belts on/off, etc. Because of Restaurant365’s unified platform, you can create dashboards that span the entire restaurant business – sales and menu items, labor, all costs, not just food costs, inventory, accounting data, etc.

Secure and Easily Accessible

Restaurant365 Reports and Dashboards are secure and segmented by user login.  Authenticated users can only see the reports and analytics you want them to see. Charts, Reports and Dashboards are easily accessible on Mac, PC and tablet devices.tabletlaptopimac-withscreenshots-web

Fully Custom Reports and Charts

You don’t need a full-time programmer to create custom reports and charts. If you have some good excel skills and know what you want to measure, the Restaurant365 Business Analytics module lets you drag and drop your way into custom reports and dashboards.

Arthur Li
We have doubled the number of our stores (going from 5 to 10) without adding a single person to our accounting and finance team thanks to Restaurant365. Among many benefits we get from it, the software has made us remarkably more efficient administratively.

Arthur LiHead of Business Finance, Altamarea Group

Keith Kinard, Controller
With our old accounting software, our period close took 2 weeks. With Restaurant365, it is one week and getting shorter. The investment of time to convert has long since paid for itself.

Keith Kinard, ControllerSteak 44 and Michael Dominick's