Restaurant365 Partners w/ Consulting Restaurants Group

Restaurant365 is pleased to announce a partnership with Consulting Restaurants Group (a consulting firm specializing in helping multi-unit restaurant businesses maximize profits.)  CRG provides their clients with on-site audits, service benchmarking, fresh start training, among other services.  To learn more, visit their website at Tweet

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The 4 “Anchors” of Restaurant Reporting

There are so many moving parts to running a restaurant, managing by exception is really the only way to identify what part of the business needs the most attention.  So how do you know what is an exception?  In the restaurant business, there are 4 things you can compare your numbers to that will tell [...]

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Tax season is over . . . time for restaurant accountants to look at new accounting software.

Taxes should be submitted by now and restaurant accountants nationwide need to go to Hawaii and get a breather.  Once you are fully rested and ready to get back in the saddle, the next task for most accounting teams is to find ways to be more efficient, more accurate, and more responsive to those making decisions [...]

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Restaurant365 Opens up Utah Office

        We are pleased to announce the opening of an office in Utah!  There are folks on the development, implementation, support, and sales teams working out of the office.  It is located in the greater Salt Lake City area.      Tweet

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Restaurant365 Releases New Banking Integration Features (ACH, Positive Pay, Check Signatures)

Restaurant365 is pleased to announce 3 new features to it’s Banking module for multi-unit restaurant accountants.  They are ACH, Positive Pay, and automatic Check Signatures. ACH is powerful way of reducing the amount of time you spend printing and mailing checks.  Simply gather bank account info from your vendors and Restaurant365 will make paying your [...]

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