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Arthur Li

Arthur Li
Head of Business Finance, Altamarea Group

We have doubled the number of our stores (going from 5 to 10) without adding a single person to our accounting and finance team thanks to Restaurant365. Among many benefits we get from it, the software has made us remarkably more efficient administratively.
Michele Pogue

Michele Pogue
Controller & Office Manager, Zito’s Pizza

Restaurant365 saves me 2 full days of work per week compared to what we did using QuickBooks and spreadsheets. I now spend that time on more strategic efforts in helping to build our business.

Integration with your POS system is included with Restaurant365

Here is the list of currently integrated POS systems:

Let us know what POS you are running and we will get it on our growing list!

Consolidate data from multiple POS solutions

If you have more than one concept, you likely have more than one point of sale solution in your organization.  Bringing the data from these multiple sources into a single system saves loads of time and allows you to run company-wide reports.

Detailed analysis of store performance

Because Restaurant365 pulls all the details from your POS system each night (for each store), there is no need to wait for physical delivery of weekly packets from store locations to find out how each of them is doing.  Restaurant365 imports data from your POS system on a detail level (individual sales tickets, tenders, payment types, clock in/clock out labor entries by job and by employee).  This enables you to run detailed reports that reveal trouble spots and opportunities for improvement.

Not just hourly labor – but rather fully burdened labor

Hourly labor comes in from the POS integration each night.  Restaurant365 can be setup to apply burden %’s to those amounts (i.e. taxes, benefits, insurance) which are then included with the daily payroll accrual entries automatically created each night.  Also, the system can accrue daily for salaried employees at the store level such as managers and chefs.  This allows you to see your full labor cost of each store every week even if you are on a two week pay period cycle.   

Automatic creation of the daily sales journal entry

Restaurant365 maps your menu item categories, services types, & payment types to your general ledger chart of accounts.  The system uses this mapping to automatically create the daily sales journal entry for you thus saving you many hours of manual work and ensuring accuracy.   To learn more about how the mapping works, see the Restaurant365 training post by clicking here.