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General Ledger w/ Intercompany

Budgeting & Custom Financials

Accounts Payable

House Accounts

Payroll & POS Integration

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Stock Count App for iOS and Android

Product Transfers between Locations

Waste Log

Vendor Imports & Integration

Restaurant Inventory Reports & Charts

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Recipe Costing

Prep and Menu Item Recipes

Recipe and Menu Item Analysis

Theoretical vs Actual Usage

Auto-Update Recipe Costs

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Food Costing

Line Item Invoicing

Vendor Imports & Integration

Price Variance Reporting

Contract Price Warning

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Calendaring / Scheduling

Job Profitability

Private Dining

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Franchisee Master Record

Franchisee Contract Tracking

Automated Royalty Billing

Franchisee POS Polling

Global Sales Reporting

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POS & Vendor Integration


Recipes & Menu Engineering

Labor Dashboards & Reporting

Manager Log Book

Flash Reporting

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Restaurant Financial Reports

Budget Reports

Sales, Labor, Inventory Reports

Theoretical vs Actual Reports

PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile Reports

Complete Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Accounting + Back Office + Above Store Reporting + Catering + Franchising + Dashboards
One unified cloud-based platform that runs in your browser on your Mac, PC, tablet and mobile devices
The Restaurant365 modules integrate with your POS, Vendors, Payroll and Banks

For Multi-Unit Independent Restaurants, Franchisees, Franchisors, Restaurant Accounting Firms, & Restaurant Consultants

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