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Restaurant Accounting

Back Office

Business Intelligence

Mac, PC, Tablet & Mobile

POS, Vendors, Bank, Payroll & Integration

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General Ledger w/ Intercompany

Budgeting & Custom Financials

Accounts Payable

House Accounts

Payroll & POS Integration

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Stock Count App for iOS and Android

Product Transfers between Locations

Waste Log

Vendor Imports & Integration

Restaurant Inventory Reports & Charts

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Recipe Costing

Prep and Menu Item Recipes

Recipe and Menu Item Analysis

Theoretical vs Actual Usage

Auto-Update Recipe Costs

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Food Costing

Line Item Invoicing

Vendor Imports & Integration

Price Variance Reporting

Contract Price Warning

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Calendaring / Scheduling

Job Profitability

Private Dining

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Franchisee Master Record

Franchisee Contract Tracking

Automated Royalty Billing

Franchisee POS Polling

Global Sales Reporting

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POS & Vendor Integration


Recipes & Menu Engineering

Labor Dashboards & Reporting

Manager Log Book

Flash Reporting

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Restaurant Financial Reports

Budget Reports

Sales, Labor, Inventory Reports

Theoretical vs Actual Reports

PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile Reports

Complete Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Accounting + Back Office + Above Store Reporting + Catering + Franchising + Dashboards
One unified cloud-based platform that runs in your browser on your Mac, PC, tablet and mobile devices
The Restaurant365 modules integrate with your POS, Vendors, Payroll and Banks

Software for Single & Multi-Unit Independent Restaurants, Franchisees, Franchisors, & Restaurant Accounting Firms

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Restaurant Accounting

Why would anyone use a generic accounting software that was built for hundreds of industries and suffer through all those limitations?  You shouldn’t.

Restaurant365 is a browser-based restaurant-specific software platform that combines key restaurant modules with an integrated accounting backbone. The Restaurant365 Financial Reporting, Fiscal Calendars, Intercompany Processing, and all the accounting modules were built from the ground up, specifically for multi-unit restaurant companies.

Back Office

What part of your restaurant back office isn’t accounting?  Very little, actually.

Invoices, Stock Counts, Product Transfers, Sales Reporting, Cash Management, Labor, Food and Recipe Costs, etc, all end up in accounting. Restaurant365 handles all of your back office needs and is seamlessly interwoven with the Restaurant365 Accounting Modules.

Business Intelligence

Why should you have to pay extra for a separate tool for “Above-Store Reporting” or “Business Intelligence” Software and have yet another software polling data from your POS, again?  You don’t.

Restaurant365′s Business Analytics module leverages data across the enterprise – from both Finance and Operations (because we do both).  Build charts, tables, reports and dashboards on data across all your restaurant locations, because all the information is aggregated, one time, on one platform.


There are certain things we don’t do. We’re not a Food Vendor, POS System, Bank or Payroll Processor. For those we have dedicated integrations and data maps to connect your existing:

POS – Over thirty integrations with all the major POS systems.  See the full list.

VENDORS – All broad-line and many regional restaurant and food industry vendors.

BANKS – Direct web connect or file upload for easy bank reconciliations.

PAYROLL PROCESSORS – Actual payroll uploaded from your processor to auto-create your journal entries.

Be Mobile

“If your not mobile, you’re dead.”  We are all mobile these days and so is the Restaurant365 software platform.  Run a report or perform a transaction – Access key operational and financial data on your tablet.  Take stock counts, see reports or manage your work schedule with the Restaurant365 App for iOS and Android.

Download from the iOS App

Download from the Android App

Go Paperless

It’s the 21st Century.  Stop mailing packets of invoices from your restaurant locations to HQ.  Scan or snap a photo of your invoice, then email or upload them directly into Restaurant365.  Or have your vendor send electronic invoices for automatic import into Restaurant365.

Need to outsource your AP data entry or get your checks printed and sent out for you?  We also offer those as an optional service.