Simplicity drives profitability

  • Start and end every day with profit in mind!
  • Easily create budgets according to your financial calendar
  • Use the ‘restaurant-specific’ financial reports to compare actual to budget and calculate variances

Financial reporting, simplified

  • Comprehensive operational platform built on an accounting database
  • Seamlessly generate up-to-the-day ‘month end’ reports any time
  • Save yourself loads of reporting time each week with our pre-styled restaurant financial reports

Labor scheduling made easy

  • With labor productivity analysis tools, you gain full visibility of all your labor, both in and out of the store, every day
  • Elegant yet powerful front and back of house modules are easy to learn and use so your people are prepared to tackle whatever the day brings
  • Import and automatically create your payroll journal entry

Inventory: make it count

  • Universal access and mobile app
  • Real-time valuation of inventory
  • Count, manage, and value your inventory all in the same restaurant software platform that’s fully integrated with the accounting module

Command food costing

  • Import vendor invoices to automatically update food and recipe costs
  • Manage the costs and inventory levels of your prepped items
  • Set contract or target pricing on specific items with variance thresholds for automatic alerts on vendor invoice imports, report notification, and check runs

Analyze recipe costing

  • Create and analyze recipes in the system
  • Recipe costs are updated automatically from the invoices in the Accounting Module
  • See profit margin based on menu prices since we’re integrated into your POS system

Manage your operations

  • Operational modules generate key financial insights as they are being used reduce the risk, time, and work it takes to open new locations
  • Enables operators to see their ‘Controllable Profit and Loss’ report anytime they want
  • Every sales ticket (and all its detail) recorded in your POS is uploaded to ‘the cloud’ (Restaurant365) each night

Franchising 101

  • Manage all your franchisee sales reporting, franchisee contracts, franchisee billing, franchisee master and location records
  • Secure, central document library that the franchisor controls and only the franchisee has access to
  • Accounts Payable is linked to franchisee records for easy pass-through billing

Control your catering

  • Track each lead and turn each opportunity into a sale by following your defined sales process
  • A quick calendar glance for each seating area allows you to communicate quickly with your customers as to your availability
  • Create a master schedule of your catering labor across all jobs is simple and Catering is fully integrated into the Scheduling Module so you can manage resources that work in the restaurant, at events, or both

Maintain your business analytics

  • Access data, information, and actionable intelligence real-time because the solution is web-based and fully integrated
  • No waiting for one system to update another system, or importing or exporting spreadsheets or other data
  • The data can be organized, filtered and displayed in charts, tables or cross-tabs (pivot tables)

Manager log, handled

  • Sales and Labor details on the Daily Sales Summary can be viewed and updated at a glance
  • Log entries can be created and recorded with ease and recurring Task Lists can be utilized and tracked to completion
  • Document Libraries can sort and store all the relevant documents for your Restaurant Operations

Fully integrated

  • POS – Over thirty integrations with all the major POS systems.
  • VENDORS – All broad-line and many regional restaurant and food industry vendors.
  • BANKS – Direct web connect or file upload for easy bank reconciliations.
  • PAYROLL PROCESSORS – Actual payroll uploaded from your processor to auto-create your journal entries.

We are so sure that you’ll love Restaurant365 that we offer a


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